Short Fiction

“A Sucker for St. Nick” in The Whole She-Bang 3, 2016

Bert’s been given a Christmas shopping list and told not to bother coming home without presents for all the kids, but the Eaton’s store detective is making that seem like an impossible task.


“Dented” in Toys in the Attic, 2015

When Michael was seven, his best friend Daniel disappeared forever. Now that Michael has found Daniel’s old toy rocket ship among his own toys in the attic, will his questions be answered or will new horrors be unleashed?


“Jumping the Bags” in The Whole She-Bang 2, 2014

Peter, recovering in a Toronto Military Hospital, is trying to forget the horror of the trenches. But when he recognizes the new patient whose face is “bandaged up like some Oriental mummy”, his nightmares escalate to a whole new level.


“When the Whistle Blows” in Going Out With a Bang, a Ladies Killing Circle Anthology, 2008

Wilf is enjoying life as a teacher on a railway line in Northern Ontario until someone threatens to shine light on his past indiscretions and derail his new life.


 “The Knitting Circle” in Storyteller Magazine, Winter 2005

The Ellesmere Knitting Circle take their commitment to their community seriously, discreetly undertaking any action they deem necessary for the good of the whole. And when a young wife is admitted into the prestigious group, she puts forward her husband’s name for their special attention.

  • Shortlisted, CWC’s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story
  • Winner, Bony Pete Best Short Story Contest


“Sunnyside” in Storyteller Magazine, Summer 2004

Hank and Nelson make a great song writing team. They’re headed for the big time until a girl, the war, and a night at the Palais Royale in Sunnyside change everything.

  •  Shortlisted, CWC’s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story


“Them There Eyes” in Bone Dance, a Ladies Killing Circle Anthology, 2003

While playing the summer dance hall circuit, a trumpet player is flattered, then spooked when a young beauty starts showing up at all his gigs but he can never catch up with her. And then one night he does and wished he hadn’t.


“Rationed” in Storyteller Magazine, Winter 2001
Radio play adaptation produced and performed by Imagination Theater, aired December 10, 2006

Phil Haliday falls hard for a gorgeous blonde. Too bad she’s married to his boss, but hey, the boss is overseas in the War so what could be the harm?

  • Winner, Phil Harper Award, Imagination Theater, for Best Radio Script