Highland Village Series (under development)

Death Be Drammed  
(long-listed for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Debut Dagger)

It’s 1902 and Edinburgh confidence trickster, Duncan Blackie, has a chance to pull off his most lucrative con yet, gaining a new Highland manor and a whisky distillery for himself, that is, if he can stay alive long enough to collect.

Matt Dunn Homefront Series

Attitudes and perceptions from different worlds collide as Matt Dunn, a twenty-first century Toronto Emergency Task Force officer, tracks down killers in small-town Ontario during World War II.

Body anUnhangedd Soul
(Winner of the Crime Writers of Canada’s Unhanged Arthur for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel under the title Sins Revisited)

Matt Dunn is struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When he wakes up in hospital where everyone around him believes it’s the year 1939, he wonders whether he’s gone mad or they have. Convinced he just needs to get out of town for his world to return to normal he heads for the local train station but what he finds there throws him for another loop. A boy is dead and it looks like he was murdered in the exact same manner as Matt’s brother twenty years before. When Matt challenges the coroner’s verdict that it was an accident, the coroner decides Matt is either the right man to solve the crime or…the guilty party, but either way Matt’s not going anywhere. Strong-armed into assisting with the investigation, Matt must navigate the social attitudes of the day while battling his own prejudices and ghosts to find a killer, and hopefully, his way home.

Edinburgh Series (under development)

A killer is stalking the cobbled streets of Victorian Edinburgh and it’s up to a young war-weary policeman and a jaded newspaperman to stop him.